Evgeni Malkin goal celebrations

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It’s 1:56 am and I’m trying to sleep shut the fuck up


It’s 1:56 am and I’m trying to sleep shut the fuck up

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Which Hunger Games district do you come from?

1. You grew up:
 a. in an upscale section of a bustling city.
 b. near the meatpacking or textile part of a city.
 c. near the ocean.
 d. in a secluded, wooded area.
 e. above a retail shop.
 f. near a power plant.

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Made tea/coffee

Talked to a parent. 

Took a bath/shower.

Ate something unhealthy for breakfast.

Hugged someone.

Kissed someone.

Told someone I loved them.

Ate a sandwich.

Ate chocolate.

Stroked a dog or cat.

Watched something on E4.

Watched a film.

Listened to music.


Put on make-up.

Worried about something.

Talked to a sibling.

Went to a library.

Smiled at a stranger.

Went on Facebook.

Updated my Twitter.

Did some Tumbling.

Got an ask on Tumblr.

Watched a YouTube video.

Searched for something on Google.

Read a newspaper/magazine article.

Talked to my best friend.

Bumped into an ex.

Arranged to meet up with someone that I haven’t seen for a while.

Had a deep conversation with someone. (Well kinda.)

Walked in the rain.

Neglected to do something I’d previously planned to do.

Felt sick. (Because of the fucking heat.)

Planned an awesome day/night out.

Felt guilty about something.

Felt stressed about something.

Felt confused about something.


Apologized to someone.

Received an unexpected gift.

Thought about sex/sexual things.

Had a conversation about sex.

Drank milkshake.

Synced my iPod.

Painted my nails.

Went to a parent for advice.

Had sex.

Made plans for tomorrow.

Felt happy.

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fot. Alicja Kosman

fot. Alicja Kosman

Any association with the Mockingjay symbol is forbidden

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fot.Julia Piątkowska

fot.Julia Piątkowska


Jean-Eric Vergne


Jean-Eric Vergne

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i’ve recently uploaded pictures on facebook.
i don’t have any kind of control over my emotions.
the first thing i notice when i see someone is their style.
i love love love love love gucci mane’s music.
i kick blankets off of me when i’m sleeping, and then wake myself up because of it.
when choosing a survey that requires answers i look at the first few questions to see if they’re good.

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