NHL Meme | six goalies [2/6] | Tuukka Rask

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Please reblog if you are in the hockey fandom! I’m trying to follow you all!

Deutschlands Bundesländer || States of Germany

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does anybody else just say “no” out loud in a deadpan voice as they exit out of bad fic or is that just me



hey look


it’s shakespeare.

that was the worst pun ever but im laughing

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Whatever game you think you’re playing, those out there are not playing it with you.

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story of my life
  • friend: hey you wanna come with us tonight there's this...
  • me: sorry, I can't there's a match tonight
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you’re stuck living with your icon for a month have fun



Reblog this post if you reblog any (reboot, original, tng, ds9, enterprise, voyager, any of the movies, combination of all Star Trek’s) and I will certainly follow you. I need more ST on my dash desperately!

- I endeavor to be accurate.
- You do quite well.

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sorry i only like boys i would never have a chance with